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Q 350 LIME

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Quincy Jones Signature line In-Ear Headphones.

€ 49,99

  • Quincy Jones signature sound

    AKG signature sound, endorsed by Quincy Jones.

  • Smartphone, specific IOS

    Designed to be used with iOS devices.

  • In-line volume control

    Ergonomically-designed volume control allows for simple sound-level adjustments.

  • Silicone sleeves in different sizes

    Comes with silicone sleeves in multiple sizes to provide maximum comfort while fitting snugly into every size ear.

  • Portable

    Conceived and equipped to satisfy the needs of those with on-the-go lifestyles.

"With three signature colour combinations to choose from, Q350s make for a sleek and stylish upgrade to any portable device without compromising best-in-class sound or comfort. Designed for durability and high output with the precise, unfiltered acoustics that have made AKG headphones the studio standard for more than 60 years, Q350s crank out big sound at a quality that few headphones can match – no matter their size. At just 3 grams (without cable), you’ll be hard-pressed to find a set of headphones that weigh less and do more. Three sizes of foam ear sleeves ensure a comfortable fit for any size ear canal, reducing ear fatigue and providing for hours of continuous use.
Perfect for the gym, air travel or a run anywhere you require AKG quality audio and a one-of-a-kind look in a headset that’s so lightweight, you’ll forget you’re wearing some of the best ear buds available."

Features & benefits

  • 1 pair of AKG Q350 headphones
  • Inline remote with microphone made for iPhone
  • Carying case
  • AKG Warranty card

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