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K 242 HD

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TL 169,99 each

  • Optimized for DJ

    Conceived with DJs in mind, these headphones will have you mixing like a DJ in no time.

  • Home

    Designed and conceived for lengthy listening sessions on your home sofa or favorite chair.

  • AKG reference sound

    The ultimate, uncompromised sound quality.

K 242 HD yarı açık kulaklıklar; süper konforlu hafif tasarımı ve yüksek hassasiyet sağlayan Varimotion diyaframlara sahip ekstra büyük hoparlörlerle, geniş dinamik aralığı ve yüksek ses basıncı düzeyleriyle geleneği devam ettirmektedir.

K 242 HD kulaklıkları 1.500 teknolojik patent ve 60 yıldır dünyanın önde gelen performans ve kayıt sanatçılarından gelen geribildirimler tarafından oluşturulan her şeyi temsil etmektedir.

Features & benefits

New iteration of a studio classic

The AKG K 242 HD high performance headphone is a must have when you desire the best personal listening experience from nearly any audio device.

High Quality Materials Create High Definition Sound

"Extra-large speakers with Varimotion diaphragms provide higher sensitivity and a wider dynamic range. Varimotion is the first technique that allows the production of a microphone diaphragm whose thickness varies along its diameter. This provides better control of the capsule resonance, reducing the need for expensive mechanical tuning resonators in the shaft to a minimum. Varimotion diaphragms can vibrate freely, providing a much crisper, cleaner sound than conventional designs.For the finest possible transmission of their wide frequency response, the K 242 HDs use a single-sided, 99%-oxygen-free cable. The hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts resist corrosion and enhance sound clarity. "

AKG reference sound

For today’s high-definition audio sources, only the best headphones will do. The K 242 HDs are the supreme step up from other high-performance over-ear headphones, delivering the best in high-output sound and frequency response from virtually any portable device, including the iPhone. They feature a semi-open design with high-end drivers that deliver supreme frequency response, with low frequencies reproduced all the way down to 15 Hz and high frequencies reproduced with dazzling clarity out past 25 kHz. They reproduce this frequency response with the best detail and dynamic range that the AKG brand has to offer. They’re also designed for high output with minimum distortion making them the ultimate upgrade for audiophiles who listen in mobile environments. You get all of the sound and none of the noise. 

Comfortable and lightweight

When you want ultimate comfort in a personal listening experience, upgrade to the stylish AKG K 242 high-definition over-ear headphones. Their luxurious, self-adjusting headband conforms to your head, while their gimbal suspension allows the headphones to sit against your ears without pinching. And, of course, the headphones use replaceable velvet-soft ear pads. These comfortable, lightweight headphones are the perfect choice for everyday use and long listening sessions. The AKG K 242 HD headphones will connect to virtually any portable audio device, including an older iPhone.

Specsheets & manuals

Audio Specifications
DriverSemi open-back headphones
Frequency Response15Hz-25kHz
Maximum Input Power200 mW
Input Impedance55 ohms
AKG Easy Compare
SoundReference sound
Smartphone controlNo control option
General Specifications
Weight240 g

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The base unit, which can be wall-mounted, includes hidden magnets tha thold the headphone in place while they charge, allowing for up to eight hours of remote listening enjoyment over a high quality 2.4GHz wireless connection. RCA and 3.5mm analogue inputs are fitted along with a sensitivity switch to accommodate a wide variety of music sources. Not only does the K935 develop a very detailed, spacious and sympathetic sound, but its soft and compliant velvetear pads and light weight ensure the headphone is equally comfortable to wear.


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