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Quincy Jones Özel Serisi , Reference-Class Premium Kalite Kulaklıklar

TL 249,99 TL 349,99 each

  • Quincy Jones signature sound

    AKG signature sound, endorsed by Quincy Jones.

  • Home

    Designed and conceived for lengthy listening sessions on your home sofa or favorite chair.

  • Detachable audio cable

    Provides connectivity to the widest array of devices and equipment. Easy to replace and to store.

Canlı ses, inanılmaz derecede az bozulma ve düşük frekanslarda eşsiz gerçekçilik...Sadece high-end sistemler ve mikrofonlarda bulunan büyük, havadar ve 3 boyutlu ses. Şimdi , bugüne kadar ürettiğimiz en gerçekçi ve duyarlı referans kulaklık Q 701'i tasarladık. Sanatçıların tam olarak vermek istedikleri sesi Q701 ile duyun.Q701 canlı yüksek frekans sinyal izleme ve bozulmayan bas tepkisi için düz kablo sarmal teknolojisi, patentli Varimation çok katmanlı diyagram ve AKG neodyum magnet sistemini kullanır. Motor montaj çift kablolama ile birlikte, Q701 eşsiz gerçekçi ses atmosferinde dengeli stereo ayrımı ve mükemmel görüntü üretir.
"Bunlar “Billie Jean”‚ “Thriller” ve “Give Me the Night“ şarkılarını kayıt etmeye çabalarken istediğimiz gerçek sesi verebilen şimdiye kadar duyduğum en iyi ve kaliteli kulaklıklardır - Quincy Jones

Features & benefits

The best sounding in-ear headphone endorsed by Quincy Jones

The Quincy Jones Signature Line Q350s in-ear headphones are best-in-class performers, delivering high-accuracy sound with outstanding dynamics and bass response.These are the only headphones I’ve heard that bring out the true sound we were striving for on records like "Billie Jean,""Thriller" and "Give Me the Night". It’s the best-quality sound I’ve heard, ever.'

Headphones that are built to last

Built from premium materials like genuine leather, unbreakable metal arches and hard gold-plated jack cables and contacts

QJ signature sound

The AKG Q 701 headphones feature revolutionary flat-wire voice coils that create a spacious, dramatic soundstage with precise 360-degree imaging and outstanding transient response. Patented two-layer diaphragms similar to their professional studio counterparts offer sparkling high-frequency sound and accurate bass response. Additionally, a high-performance neodymium magnet system makes the headphones heat-resistant for minimal distortion at any listening level. The Q701s deliver pinpoint imaging with unmatched realism.

Comfortable, specially shaped 3-D-form ear pads

The Q701s have been designed in collaboration with the award-winning Austrian design firm Kiska to embody AKG's signature styling aesthetic without compromising functionality or comfort. Foams of different densities combine to create the Q701s' huge, ear-enveloping, velvet 3-D-form ear pads, ergonomically shaped for a precise, repeatable fit. This shape combines with their open-back design, allowing the drivers to be aimed at the ears to produce the ideal acoustical transmission. 

Specsheets & manuals

Audio Specifications
DriverSemi open-back headphones
Frequency Response10Hz - 39.8kHz
Maximum Input Power200 mW
Input Impedance62 ohms
Sensitivity105 dB SPL/V
AKG Easy Compare
SoundQJ signature sound
Smartphone controlNo control option
General Specifications
Cable3.00 m
ConnectorHard gold-plated jack plug and contacts
Weight235 g
ColourWhite with lime accents

  • 1 Pair of AKG Q701 WHITE
  • Single sideddetachable cable in 2 different lenght / 3.5-6.3 jack adapter
  • AKG waranty card

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