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Your tv deserves better sound!

The revolution in TV screens has been fantastic over the past few years. From big square boxes to ultra flat TVs that offer great screen quality and only take up a fraction of the space they used to.

Unfortunately the sound did not improve on the same level, as flat screen TV housings can of course only contain very small speakers which are placed too close together to deliver a great sound experience. This means that you cannot enjoy movies to the extent that your Blu-ray or DVD is actually capable of.

Now you have the opportunity to bring cinema like surround sound to your home by equipping your TV with a Harman Kardon Home Theatre solution. Experience the difference… brought to you by Harman Kardon.

Discover the difference
Perfect sound means having a “sweet spot” at exactly the right location in your living room.

A sweet spot is an area where all combined sound waves come together and make you experience sound in full depth. It allows you to hear sound as directional – sound coming from behind us, from above, from the front, or wherever the movie director intended the sound to come from.

Harman Kardon offers a complete range of home theatre systems to deliver this experience at various levels: from the simplicity of a soundbar to a high-end 5.1 full-HD system.