Building on decades of AKG breakthroughs in audio
technology, we've combined scientific know-how with
premium materials to produce our K3003 reference-class
3-way earphones. The K3003s' stainless-steel housing
is robustly durable, timeless in appearance and easy to
maintain – and it quickly adapts to your body temperature
for comfortable use indoors or outside.

The housing of the K3003 is chiselled out of one piece of brushed stainless steel. This robust housing not only protects the earphone body from scratches but also safeguards the K3003s' inner workings from physical damage.

The K3003s' remote control can receive or terminate phone calls, skip and pause music, and control the volume of your sound. And its stainless-steel skin gives the remote long life, endurance and scratch resistance.

The K3003s' 3.5mm (1/8") jack plug is plated in rose gold to provide maximum signal transfer with clear and lossless sound. And it's encased in stainless steel to secure a strong, steady connection.

The fabric and silicone materials in the K3003s' cable allow tangle-free handling and make it durable enough to deliver your music reliably for a long time.