Will the earphones fit my ears?
As every human ear is different, the K3003s have anti-allergenic sleeves in three different sizes to secure an optimal fit. A perfect fit is necessary to optimize the sound and provide comfort during extended wear.

What can I do if an ear sleeve gets lost?
There is a set of spare parts included with the K3003s.

Stainless steel is heavier than plastic. Does it affect my comfort in wearing the K3003s?
The K3003s' housing is chiseled out of one piece of brushed stainless steel. The result is increased weight – but also a secure balance among the components of the earphones' hybrid technology, plus incredible comfort for the user.

What are the benefits of stainless-steel earphones?
AKG engineers have built a unique in-ear headset with premium materials. Stainless steel is robust, timeless in appearance and easy to care for. It quickly adapts to your body temperature for comfortable use indoors or outside.

What does hybrid technology mean?
Hybrid technology is the combination of one dynamic driver and two-way balanced-armature (BA) drivers. The combination of dynamic and BA drivers, and their relative position to each other in the housing, allowed us to develop the smallest three-way in-earphones that offer a true reference-quality sound.

What is the benefit by using hybrid technology?
The fusion of one dynamic and two balanced-armature drivers offers high design flexibility. Our three-way earphones secure sound with ultralow distortion, accurate mids and crystal-clear highs.

How can I change the sound-tuning filters?
To change filters, simply screw on your favorite. For your personalized sound tuning, you can chose among bass-boost, reference-sound and high-boost sound filters.

Do the sound-tuning filters need any kind of care and maintenance?
For perfect sound quality, screw the filters on carefully. Cleaning the sound-tuning filters occasionally with water and a soft cleanser is necessary to avoid sound loss.

How and when should I use the audio adapter?
The K3003i earphones are designed for use with iPhone devices and other Apple products. To use your K3003i's audio mode and take full advantage of its stereo playback, simply connect your four-pin connector jack to the audio-adapter connector.

Is the K3003i compatible with any kind of mobile phone?
The K3003i earphones are designed for use with iPhone devices. Take a look at the compatibility notice to check if your mobile phone is supported.

How does the remote control of the K3003i work?
With the remote control, you can receive or terminate phone calls, skip and pause music, and control the volume of your sound.

What can I store in the on-the-go case?
AKG designers developed the genuine leather case exclusively for the K3003 earphones. It stores the earphones and the flight adapter, and prevents them from scratches and physical damage.

When should I use the flight adapter?
Many airlines do not support four-pin or three-pin audio connectors. To optimize the K3003s' compatibility with airplane armrests, the steel stereo-to-dual-mono adapter connects your K3003 to the in-flight entertainment system for stereo playback. It allows you to take full advantage of the airlines' entertainment options.