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Maximum listening pleasure

It goes without saying that the Harman Kardon MaestroKitchen™ 100 system is not only visually remarkable in terms of its clever concealment; its audio performance is also based on a unique innovation. The high performance audio technology is produced by the celebrated American manufacturers Harman Kardon.

To allow use of iPod, iPhone, mp3 and usb stick, a docking station is integrated in the cabinet. And once everything is connected up, the system can easily be operated via the glass display or remote control unit.

The innovative loudspeakers have been ingeniously and invisibly integrated in the back of the kitchen cabinet doors and offer a huge range in high and midtones. This technological world first uses the doors themselves as the speaker membrane. Your kitchen space will as it were be filled with music, and as a result, it makes no difference for the perception of volume whether you are positioned squarely in front of the speakers or to either side. In other words, the ultimate in sound comfort!

Finally, a subwoofer for the bass tones is concealed behind the skirting boards.