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Unique design

Set against these trends, Verburg Audio is introducing an absolute world first: the MaestroKitchen™ 100. With a feeling for the aesthetic, this system is practically invisibly built into the kitchen, and will soon also be available for application in other furniture items for the living room, bedroom and bathroom. The system is built-in and ingeniously concealed in such a way as to appeal to both female and male sound connoisseurs. MaestroKitchen™ 100 offers concealed audio performance in a fully built-in system, in which the speakers are entirely out of sight. In other words, with MaestroKitchen™ 100 there are no cables, loudspeakers or (stacks of) devices in which dust can accumulate. Gone are conventional speakers; instead, thanks to the innovative system, the kitchen cabinet doors themselves are the speakers! And still none of the glasses in the cabinet shake or vibrate.  

The built-in computer/amplifier features a tastefully-designed display in stylish black glass, measuring 60 x 8 cm. This display, built into the kitchen cabinet, features a small information screen, the size of an iPod screen, both modest in appearance, yet easily readable from a distance, making operation from the dining table 'a piece of cake'.

The Harman Kardon MaestroKitchen™ 100 system was designed by the industrial designers of the celebrated D'Andrea & Evers Design firm based in Enter (Netherlands), and will be manufactured by Harman Kardon.