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Technical support

MaestroKitchen devices are supported by our service partner:

ESCoor Electronic Service Coordination GmbH
Friedrich-Penseler-Str. 17
D-21337 Lüneburg

ESCoor’s Helpdesk will be happy to receive your questions in the English or German language.

The Helpdesk can be reached from Monday till Friday between 9:00 a.m. und 17:00 p.m.

(T) +49 (0) 4131 830 9634
(E) maestro.kitchen@escoor.com

Sales support

For sales questions and advice for the use of the MaestroKitchen, please contact:

Verburg Audio B.V.
Enschedesestraat 300
7552 CN Hengelo
The Netherlands
(T) +31 74 278 1637
(E) info@verburgaudio.com


There is a short delay when I change volume on the front panel.

This is a result of the screen electronics. Please use the remote control if you want to change volume without delay.

Radio reception suffers from noise.

If you use the string antenna which comes with the MK100, please make sure that it is fully stretched and fixed to a wall or top of a cupboard in the best position for receiving FM. If you want to optimize for DAB reception, please re-orient the antenna to be vertical instead of horizontal. If problems persist, it may be necessary to have a professional install an external aerial.

What is the main unit mounting depth?

The mounting shelf must be at least 562mm wide and 300mm deep to accomodate the head unit and power supply.

Which file types can I play from a USB stick?

The following music formats on USB are compatible with your harman kardon MaestroKitchen 100: MP3, MP4, WMA, M4a, and AAC. Playback of WAV files is not guaranteed.

Can I use an external hard disk through the USB input?

Yes, same as for a USB memory. But please use an external power supply, as the USB connection cannot supply sufficient power for physical drives.

Is there a maximum number of files on a USB stick that the MK100 can handle?

No, but large numbers of song files take longer to read from the memory into the MK100.

Does the CD drive support burned CDs?

Yes, but please note that burned CDs are of variable quality, and some may not be playable.

Does the CD drive support MP3 files?

The MK100 can play MP3 files from a USB memory stick, but not from a CD.

Does the MK100 charge my iPhone/iPad/iPod while playing music from it?

Yes, all compatible Apple products are charged while playing. Note that iPads are not fully compatible, and are not charged.

Can I play music from any iPhone version?

Yes, iPhones are fully compatible with the MK100 system. Note that video content and data sync are not supported.

Can I play music from any iPad version?

Yes, all three iPad versions can be used for playing music. Please note that the iPad is not charged while playing, so charging must take place via separate charger. Note that video content and data sync are not supported.

My MK100 is set to CD play when I switch it ON, even though I did not listen to CDs before switching it OFF.

This happens when the MK100 has been put into real Standby, whereas normal Sleepmode ensures that the unit starts where it was switched off. Standby reduces power consumption to an even lower level than Sleepmode. Usually, you should only switch to Standby if you are not going to use the unit for longer periods of time. Please note that the remote control can only put the MK100 into Sleepmode, so using the remote completely avoids the issue. If you switch the unit OFF with the front panel control, briefly touching the on/off symbol results in Sleepmode. Holding your finger on the ON/OFF symbol for 3 seconds or more results in the unit going into Standby. In Standby, MK100 reverts to CD play when re-started, and the Tuner switches from SCAN autosearch to TUNE manual tuning. You can easily select FM or DAB tuner again, and activate SCAN autotuning.

When I scan for DAB stations, my MK100 sometimes freezes or shows an error message on the display.

Please update your unit by downloading a new software package (number 0.02.37 or higher) from the Harman Kardon Maestrokitchen home page. Software upgrade instructions with detailed information is available on the home page as well.

I think I have a problem with my Maestrokitchen.

If you experience any problems with your Maestrokitchen unit, always check if you have the latest software installed before seeking other assistance. The Maestrokitchen home page always contains the latest software.

Software updates

Click here to download the newest software upgrade package (version 2.42)

Click here to download software upgrade instructions with detailed information