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UHF teknolojisinin sınırsız özgürlüğü ile oyun, film ve müzikte gerçekçiliğin bir adım ötesini yaşayabilirsiniz.

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Model Number: K912E
Colour: Hexachrome black


When I dock my K 912 headphone in the charging station/transmitter, the CHARGE light does not come on, and no charging takes place.
Please note that the rechargeable AAA-size cells used in the K 912 MUST have charging contact on the side. This is clearly mentioned in the owner's manual, and shown with a drawing. If you have purchased new cells with plastic coating along the lenght of the cell, it may be possible to peel off the plastic by cutting gently with a knife, then pulling it off. Only about 1 cm needs to be open to the metal, closest to the flat end.