K 935 White - Product support

K935 02

Over-ear, semi-closed wireless headphones with lossless digital transmission and wall mountable combined charging/resting station.

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Model Number: K935
Colour: White


How many headsets can I connect to one K935 transmitter?
Up to four headsets can play simultaneously. For each additional headset, hold the pairing buttons on both transmitter and headset for 5 seconds, then release. Now switch the transmitter off and on again with the pairing button, and the connection is active.
How long is the range of my headphones?
You can expect a range of 30 meters or more. This is true as long as there are no obstacles between transmitter and headphone. At the edge of range, the position of transmitter and headphone do play a role. If you experience dropouts or silent spots within range, try to slightly adjust the transmitter or listening position. This usually has positive results on the range. Please be aware that normal range is measured while sitting or standing still. If you are moving around, range is diminished. Also bear in mind that other wireless electronic equipment (such as Bluetooth components), some routers, PCs and other electronic installations may disturb the wireless signal. If in doubt, try to switch off other electronics to find out if they are the source of any disturbance.
Can the K 935 be hung on the wall?
Yes, the transmitter / charging dock is designed to be easily hung on a wall with just two screws. Of course the headphone can be charged in this position also.