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K 172 HD

Designed specifically for monitoring audio sources in noisy environments, K 172 HD headphones combine all the sound-attenuating characteristics of a closed-back configuration with the comfort of an on-ear design.

Lightweight and extremely rugged, with an self-adjusting band that can be worn over or behind the head, K 172 HD headphones are engineered to play loud and long with no sound leakage. AKG has been delivering the equipment movie and broadcasting professionals rely on for more than 60 years. K 172 HD continues the tradition.

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    Audio Specifications
    Frequency Response18Hz - 26kHz
    Maximum Input Power200 mW
    Input Impedance55 ohms
    Sensitivity94 dB SPL/V
    General Specifications
    EarpadsReplaceable ultra-soft velvet
    Cable3.00 m
    Connector3.5mm hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts
    Weight200 g
    Include Accessories6.3mm adapter