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Quincy Jones Signature line, Reference-Class Premium Headphones

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Q 701

Flat-out perfection. You’d expect nothing less from Quincy Jones.

“5 reasons why we love… AKG Q701 Quincy Jones headphones. They’re very, very high-end, engineered by Harman.”

Magazine: The Times Magazine
January 2011

Sparkling harmonics, incredibly low distortion and unequalled realism in the lower frequencies – it’s the huge, airy, three-dimensional sound available only in the finest high-end speaker systems and microphones. Now, we’ve engineered it into the most accurate and responsive reference headphones we‘ve ever produced, the Q 701s. Hear music exactly as the artist intended in true surrounding sound. Q 701s employ flat-wire voice-coil technology, our patented Varimotion multilayer diaphragm, and the AKG neodymium magnet system for sparkling high-frequency signal tracking and a distortion-free bass response. Combined with true bi-wiring in the motor assembly, Q 701s produce balanced stereo separation and excellent imaging in an immersive soundscape of unequalled realism.

‘These are the only headphones I’ve heard that bring out the true sound we were striving for on records like “Billie Jean”‚ “Thriller” and “Give Me the Night“. It’s the best-quality sound I’ve heard, ever.’
– Quincy Jones

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    * Evolutionary flat-wire voice-coil technology for extremely accurate sound and transient response* Patented varimotion two layer diaphragm for sparkling highs and accurate bass response* High-performance neodymium magnet system for minimum distortion* High-performance, 99.99% oxygen-free, single-sided cable* Individually tested and numbered, made in austria* Comfortable, specially shaped “3-d-form” ear pads for perfect fit* Professional jack plug* Padded, genuine-leather headband* Unbreakable metal arches* 3m/6m cables supplied with the headphones

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    • Live Magazine - November 2011

      Live Magazine of the Mail on Sunday features Jimmy Carr wearing the Q701! "Stunning headphones: AKG took its already excellent K701 cans and added some Quincy Jones music production magic. Their performance is as distinctive as their lime green finish.


    Full specs

    Audio Specifications
    Frequency Response10Hz - 39.8kHz
    Maximum Input Power200 mW
    Input Impedance62 ohms
    Sensitivity105 dB SPL/V
    General Specifications
    Cable3.00 m
    ConnectorHard gold-plated jack plug and contacts
    Weight235 g